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Indoor Air Quality

We can help you improve your indoor air quality

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Indoor air pollution and its health implications are a growing concern for families today. You want your family to be safe from the air pollution problems found in the outside environment, yet you may be unaware that indoor air pollution can have a major effect on your family’s health, comfort and safety.

Studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency indicate that inside air may contain up to 10 times more pollution than outdoor air. Polluted indoor air can irritate the eyes, the nose and the throat, and can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

Poor indoor air quality occurs when harmful gases or particles are present at concentrations that adversely affect people’s health or comfort. Good-quality indoor air also contains these gases and particles, but at concentrations that will not adversely affect someone.

An air purifier will help you breathe easier about your family’s health

indoor air quality massachusetts

Without an air purification system, you and your family may well be breathing in airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores.

If a family member or a frequent visitor suffers from asthma, allergies or other serious breathing-related issues, then you need an air purifier. But even if respiratory problems are not an issue in your home, wouldn’t you want to have these airborne contaminants removed from the air you breathe?

Enjoy more comfort in winter with a whole-house humidifier

During colder months, your home’s heating system will warm the indoor air, but it will also make the air drier. This over-dry air can create problems for both your home and your family, including:

  • split or cracked wood floors, furniture, trim and molding
  • dry noses, cracked or itchy skin, sore throats
  • aggravated allergies or asthma
  • painful shocks from static electricity

Also, medical experts say that some viruses thrive in overly dry air, increasing the likelihood of colds, flu and other respiratory ailments.

The good news is that these problems can be greatly reduced by having Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling install a whole-house humidifier, which can deliver the ideal amount of moisture into your indoor air.

And properly humidified air will help your family feel more comfortable at lower thermostat settings, which can save you up to 4% on your heating bill for every degree the thermostat is lowered!

A new A/C system can improve air quality

If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies or respiratory ailments, a new central air system can help you breathe easier. Today’s high-efficiency filters remove dust, dander, pollen and other harmful particles from the air, ensuring that you are always breathing clean, fresh air all day and night.

Air is passed through a filter before it is circulated through the ductwork into your rooms. These filters are very good at removing even the smallest particles and pollutants. As long as they are cleaned and replaced on a regular basis and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, your A/C system will continue to deliver fresh, clean air for many years to come. Read more about central air conditioning systems.


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