Shocking spike in fuel prices is hurting all of us - Click here

BIG rebates but limited supply on heat pumps—act now!

Right now, big rebates are still in effect, but supplies are limited. If a new heat pump is in your future, there’s no better time to act than NOW. People love our heat pumps because they provide year-round comfort for both hot and cold weather. Rebates have never been higher, but supplies have never been […]

Bioheat® fuel mandate needed

A Bioheat fuel mandate passed in Massachusetts a few years ago, but the commonwealth hasn’t implemented it yet. We should follow what our neighbors in New York and Connecticut have done recently. Both states passed legislation that would require the delivery of B20 Bioheat fuel (20% biodiesel and 80% ultra-low-sulfur heating oil) in about 10 […]

Managing high fuel bills

With fuel prices so high, it makes even more sense to go on our monthly SmartPay plan, which ensures that your payments will remain predictable throughout the year. There is no cost to enroll. With this plan, we divide your estimated annual fuel costs into 12 equal monthly payments. That way, you won’t get hit […]

150 years in business!

We’re a unique fuel and service company, and not just because we’re woman-owned. We’ve been taking care of families and businesses around here for 150 years now—since 1872! Needless to say, there are very few companies who have been around for that long. That only happens when you’ve had the fortitude and commitment to get […]

Coming through when it matters the most

We’re so proud of our service team, whose efforts have been unbelievable these past few months. They often worked seven days a week, day and night, and helped out many customers who lost their heat, particularly during that stretch of very cold days in January. Larry S., of Brookline, was among those we helped. “I […]

A shocking rise in energy prices

Dear Friends, As I write this, the impact of the war in Ukraine continues to send shock waves through the world’s energy markets. Natural gas rates have doubled. Electricity costs are surging. Heating oil, gasoline and propane have spiked. We know this is hard for you; it’s hard for us too. When prices spike like […]