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The problem with electrifying everything

Like many of you, we want to take smart, fast action to protect our climate. But we’re worried that the commonwealth is trying to do this by pursuing a narrow strategy that would “electrify everything.” Much of this strategy relies on technology and infrastructure that doesn’t exist on scale, will cost billions of dollars, and […]

Payments made easy

Customers continue to set up their accounts with AutoPay. Instead of paying by check—and wondering how long it will take your payment to reach us—any billable service or fuel delivery gets paid automatically via credit or debit card. You’ll still have complete control over your account, but you’ll save time, checks and stamps. Contact us […]

How we improved one customer’s comfort

When Drew C. bought a home in Dover last year, he knew he needed to upgrade to something better than the current electric baseboard system. In this type of system, the heating element inside the baseboard heats up as electricity flows through it. “I saw the previous owner’s electrical bills and they were significantly high. […]

Buying a heating system the right way

There is a lot of good information online about heating equipment, but you still need to put your trust in an expert when you make your choice and then when you get it installed. We can help you understand your options and choose the system that’s right for your budget and your space. To choose […]

Why a service plan matters

We can’t promise you a completely carefree winter, but we can help you eliminate worries about unexpected heating system breakdowns and expensive repairs. Our Gold Heating Plan completely covers your heating oil system. It includes a tune-up designed to keep your equipment operating trouble-free and at peak efficiency. When you go for the Gold, you’ll […]