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Ductless Air Conditioning

The hot trend in cooling systems

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Sometimes, the best solution for increasing your comfort is the simplest one. If you have problems cooling certain spots in your home, or if your home lacks the ductwork necessary for central air conditioning, then you’ll want to look at a Mitsubishi Electric mini-split ductless air conditioning system.

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Needham Oil Complete Heating and Cooling is a Diamond Preferred Contractor for Mitsubishi, which has been a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial use since 1921.

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Preferred Contractor, we are a member of a select group of elite HVAC experts. Membership demonstrates that we have achieved an exceptional level of training, expertise, and customer satisfaction. In fact, it’s the highest level of achievement awarded by Mitsubishi.

Whole house cooling solution

A ductless system is not limited to cooling off certain rooms in your home. You can install multiple systems, which will give you a complete whole house solution for all of your cooling needs! See diagram below.

Replace your ugly old window units

Nobody loves the look of a noisy, ugly old air conditioner blocking your view of the outside world. The installation of a ductless air conditioning system will remove the need for these units. This means quieter, less conspicuous operation and improved sight lines.

By improving the look of your home, you also add value, and enhance your curb appeal. The investment you make now is not just an upgrade to your own personal comfort, it will be a selling point should you decide to put your home on the market. Everybody knows how hot and humid Massachusetts summers can get, and installing air conditioners of this type helps to make it bearable, even on the hottest, stickiest days!

Popular in Europe and Asia, they are fast becoming just as popular in the U.S.—including in Massachusetts. They are simply ideal for new additions, retrofits, finished basements, and sunrooms—as well as any other rooms in your home.

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Ductless systems can be the perfect cooling solution for:

  • Guest houses
  • Music studios
  • Garage apartments
  • Computer and telephone rooms
  • Lofts
  • Small offices
  • Efficiency apartments
  • Small two- or three-room homes

How does a ductless system work?

This type of unit represents a perfect solution for additions to a home and to combat hot spots in rooms that never feel as comfortable as the rest of the home. Ductless systems give you the flexibility to enjoy a specific temperature in a room or multiple rooms. The units are quiet and energy efficient, and they feature wireless remote controls.

For each room where you tell us you want more cooling, we will install a compact wall unit. We can mount multiple indoor units, which all connect via flexible tubing to one outdoor compressor. Only minimum drilling is necessary to complete the installation of your ductless system. Our team can take you through all your options to determine which makes the most sense for your needs and your budget.

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