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Key Winter Maintenance Tasks For Your Boiler

boiler tune-up massachusettsEven though we’re heading toward the homestretch of winter 2020/21, we’ve still got several months of heating system use ahead of us – plenty of time for things to go wrong if you don’t take proper care of your boiler!

Boiler Care Checklist

Here’s a checklist of reminders to keep your boiler in top shape as we slowly transition from winter to spring in the coming weeks.

    Check / bleed your radiators or baseboards – Cold spots on your radiators or baseboards are usually a sign that air is trapped in the pipes; to get rid of that air, you will probably need to bleed your system. Contact us to learn more.

    Check the boiler pressure – It’s worth checking your boiler’s pressure gauge to see if it needs topping up. Ideally, you want to see a reading of between one and two bars; anything below one bar is too low and you’ll need to re-pressurize your boiler. Contact us to learn more.

    Insulate the condensate pipe – If you have a condensing boiler, it needs to discharge wastewater from the combustion process. That water is sent through a plastic condensate pipe, which runs from your boiler to a drain that is usually located outside or in an unconditioned space, such as your basement. That exposure to cold can cause water in the pipe to freeze; when it does, your boiler will shut off as a safety measure. By insulating that pipe, you should be able to prevent this problem from happening.

    Clear vents after a snow storm – Boilers need to be ventilated properly; make sure to keep the vent pipe / flue clear at all times, especially after a snow storm.

    Keep an eye on your pilot light – If your boiler has a pilot light rather than an electric ignition, make sure the pilot light is a strong blue color. An orange or yellow flame indicates a problem that should be addressed by a heating professional right away.

    Maintain your equipment – Regular annual maintenance is vital to the proper and reliable function of any heating equipment, including your boiler. If you haven’t scheduled annual service for your boiler, we highly recommend you do it before the end of the season.

    Consider replacing old or faltering equipment – Professional service will keep your older boiler working properly, but there comes a time when investing in a new, reliable high efficiency boiler is a smarter move than fixing or maintaining your older equipment. When that time comes, be sure to hire an experienced professional to install your new boiler – it may cost a little more, but you’ll more than gain that investment back in the form of lower bills, fewer repairs, and more reliable operation over the course of your equipment’s lifetime.

You’ll need your boiler for at least another few months, so don’t take it for granted! If you have a boiler problem or need COMPLETE boiler maintenance in Middlesex or Norfolk counties, contact the pros at Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling today!