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Why Your System May be Flawed

Servicing boiler

In many cases, you don’t have to replace your entire system to feel more comfortable and save money on energy. You just need an expert (like us) to correct flaws in the system. Here’s what we mean.

Energy-efficiency ratings for heating and cooling systems are calculated in a laboratory setting. But when those systems get installed in a home, those efficiency ratings can drop drastically if the system is not installed according to manufacturer specifications. Failure to maintain the system properly can reduce energy efficiency further.

A study of over 1,000 homes across the country showed that consumers were short-changed on energy efficiency because of a poor equipment installation and lax maintenance.*

After adjustments were made to correct problems, efficiency improved, on average, a whopping 36%! This was accomplished by:

  • improving the ductwork
  • cleaning and adjusting the system
  • correcting installation flaws

If you feel your system isn’t working properly, please contact us and we’ll be glad to evaluate it. A few fixes may just save you money on heat and keep you more comfortable this winter!

*National Comfort Institute