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Why Do I Need a Professional Heating Tune-Up Every Year?

Home heating tune-up

Heating season is in full swing here in Central Massachusetts, and if you haven’t had your heating system professionally serviced this year, you may think you can put it off until next fall. After all, you haven’t had any issues with your equipment so far, right?

The problem with that way of thinking is that it doesn’t take into account the many issues that start as small problems and grow into bigger ones as winter puts more stress and strain on your heating system.

Professional annual heating system service includes a series of tests and tasks performed by a licensed and expert heating technician to clean, inspect, and test your furnace or boiler; by doing a deep dive into your equipment, our technicians can nip many heating problems in the bud, saving you money on future heating repairs (studies show that about 80 percent of home heating repairs are preventable with routine preventive care for your equipment).

Other benefits of annual heating maintenance

Avoiding costly heating repairs is only one of the benefits that come from servicing your heating equipment every year. Here are four other reasons to invest in an annual heating tune-up:

  • Lower bills – Without regular maintenance, your heating system will lose about five percent efficiency per year on average – which makes a tune-up an investment that will basically pay for itself.
  • Better reliability – The best way to make sure your heating system will withstand the rigors of a New England winter is to have it professionally serviced every year.
  • Warrantee protection – Many furnace or boiler warranties require annual maintenance from a qualified pro. If you don’t have your system serviced, you might find yourself paying for a heating repair even if the equipment is still under warranty!
  • Improved air quality – A well-maintained forced air heating system keeps the air in your home cleaner – especially when combined with some of today’s amazing indoor air quality systems.
  • Improved safety – A heating expert can spot the early warning signs of a carbon monoxide problem before it becomes a risk to your family.

The best way to take care of your heating tune-up? Sign up for a heating oil service plan from Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling. Available at Silver and Gold levels for your natural gas- or heating oil-fired system, our service plans include an annual tune-up plus 24/7 priority service, covered or discounted repair parts, and more. Contact us today to find out which plan is right for you.

It’s not too late for heating maintenance in Winter 2020 – contact us today to sign up for a Needham Complete Service Plan!