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How Often Do Heating Oil Tanks Need to Be Refilled?

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heating oil delivery Westwood, ma Have you recently moved into a home with a heating oil system? If you’ve never been in an oil-heated home before, you might have questions about when to order fuel.

The good news is that heating oil offers just about the most robust heat generation of any fuel. But you must maintain a full heating oil tank to keep this warmth flowing through a frigid Massachusetts winter.

When should you refill your heating oil tank?

At Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling, we typically advise our “Will Call” customers to reach out to us when their heating oil tank is around one-quarter full. Waiting longer than that could result in an unexpected and unwelcome run-out.

Not sure how much fuel is in your tank? Checking the gauge is simple. You will find it on top of the heating oil tank. It’s a glass or plastic vial with markings like a car’s gas meter — F, ¾, ½ and ¼. A marker or float rests in the vial, and its position tells you how full your oil tank is. If the float in your gauge is at or near the bottom of the vial (or you can’t see it at all), your tank is empty or close to it. Contact us right away for a refill.

How quickly will you use heating oil this winter?

We don’t need to tell you that the winters in Middlesex and Norfolk County can get downright glacial. Your boiler or furnace will be working hard to keep your family warm on these freezing days and nights. What will that mean for your heating oil consumption?

Several factors affect how much oil you will use:

  1. The outdoor temperature — If the day is mild (an average temperature of 50 degrees), you may only use two gallons of heating oil. On a 15-degree day, you may consume closer to eight gallons.
  2. How long you run your furnace —Turning the thermostat down overnight will reduce fuel use.
  3. The size and layout of your house — Not only will this determine how much space needs to be heated, but it will also determine how easily heated air can escape.
  4. The ages of people in your home — Older adults and infants may require consistently higher indoor temperatures.
  5. The age and condition of your furnace — Older models will not work as efficiently. They also may have larger oil-burner nozzles, which lead to considerably larger oil usage.

During a period of sustained freezing temperatures, you might find yourself contacting us for a heating oil delivery every three weeks or so. You can also avoid all the uncertainty by signing up for FREE automatic delivery.

How does automatic heating oil delivery work?

When you sign up for our automatic heating oil delivery schedule, the Needham Oil team handles all the planning. Our computerized system accounts for all the factors listed above — including current weather conditions — to determine when you’ll likely need more heating fuel. Then, we schedule your delivery well in advance. There’s no cost for this service, and it takes all the stress out of tracking your heating oil in winter.

If you haven’t arranged your start-of-winter tank fill yet, contact our friendly, professional team today.