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When Should I Consider a Ductless Heating System?

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Ductless systems can make sense as a heating (and cooling) solution in a variety of Massachusetts homes. But there are some scenarios in which a ductless heating system has clear advantages when compared to central or individual heating units.

Here are five situations that are perfect for a ductless heating system:

  1. New additions – Ductless systems are ideal for new areas of the house where ductwork isn’t shared with the main space. Choose sized-to-fit ductless air handlers for garage apartments, workrooms, sunrooms, and other discrete areas and you will have an efficient heating system that doesn’t add to the heating load of your primary furnace or boiler.
  2. Empty nesting – If your larger home sits empty for much of the time now that the kids are away at school, you probably rely on closing vents to reduce your heating bills every month. The only problem with that? It can create pressure imbalances and mold problems in those rooms. With a ductless system, you can have much finer control of how you “spend” your heat.
  3. Catering to individual needs – Have a mother-in-law living in the house that likes it (a lot) warmer than you? Set her up with a ductless heater and you will all be happier. A ductless system is ideal for creating independent temperature zones in different rooms – far better than a zoned central heating solution in terms of efficiency.
  4. Supporting “problem” rooms – Every house has THAT room – the one that’s draftier than all the others and notoriously difficult to keep warm. If you set the central thermostat to keep that room livable, the rest of the house becomes a sauna. As a high efficiency heat source, a ductless system can take the edge off the problem room without breaking the bank.
  5. Adding heat to a house with no existing ductwork or baseboards – Ductless isn’t cheap, but it’s less expensive than adding ductwork or baseboards to an existing house.

As with any HVAC equipment, proper system sizing and installation is critical to getting the most from your ductless heating system: when you call the pros at Needham Oil & Air, your ductless equipment will be installed the right way every time – and it will be done right the first time, with no need for follow-up visits.

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