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What to Do If Your Heat Goes Out

Cold woman sitting on a couch

If you find that your heat isn’t working in your Massachusetts home, don’t panic – Needham is there for you with 24/7 emergency service throughout our service area.

But before you pick up the phone to call for service, it pays to troubleshoot your system first to make sure it’s not a simple problem you can fix yourself.

Here are seven things to try before calling for service:

  1. Make sure you have enough heating oil – your tank should be at least 1/8 full (tip: you can avoid run outs by signing up for FREE automatic delivery).
  2. Check to make sure all emergency switches are set to “on.”
  3. Look for burned out fuses or tripped circuit breakers and replace or reset them.
  4. Turn up your thermostat to at least five degrees above the current temperature of the room.
  5. Make sure system is set for “heat.”
  6. Make sure your digital thermostat’s display is working; if it’s blank, you probably need new batteries.
  7. If none of these fixes work, press the reset button on your burner – but only do it one time (you can flood your system if you do it more than once)!

If you still have no heat, contact Needham and we’ll get a technician to you as soon as we can.

Needham is there for you in an emergency! Contact us and we’ll be there.