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What Size Oil Tank Do I Need for My Home?

Important Considerations when Choosing a Home Heating Oil Tank

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Choosing the right size

Home heating oil tanks come in a variety of sizes and it is important to choose the right one for you, whether you are new to heating oil, looking to upgrade or replace your tank, or building a new home in Massachusetts. Our Needham energy experts can assist you with assessing your past oil usage, carefully estimating how much fuel you may consume in the future, and what size tank will meet your needs best.

Consider the big picture

Certain tanks only come in specific sizes. In other words, size is just one component in choosing an oil tank, and it may or may not be the make-or-break factor. If you are looking for a specific type of tank with special features, your selection of size options may be limited – but that’s okay. Our energy experts are well-versed in all tanks available, and can give you insight into all of the crucial considerations when it comes to your oil tank’s size.

Footprint vs. capacity

When referring to size of an oil tank, people are often thinking of the tank’s capacity, meaning how many gallons of oil it can store at once. There is another component to size, though – the tank’s footprint. How much space will the tank take up on your property, and where will be the best place for it to be installed, based on its shape and size? Because some tanks can be vertical, while many are horizontal, the shape the tank takes can vary, even for tanks that can hold the same amount of oil. This is one reason why it is important to speak with an experienced oil tank technician who can assess your situation and determine the right size, orientation and location for your oil tank.


Because heating oil is biodegradable and safe to store inside the home, you can put your new leak-proof tank in a basement, a closet or a garage. You can also put it outside, near your house, garage, or outdoor space. Depending on your location preference, the right size tank to choose may vary, but your knowledgeable technician can help.

Top styles of tanks

Among the state-of-the-art solutions we offer for safe, trouble-free fuel storage are:

Roth Double-Walled Safety Tank

This tank is constructed of top-quality materials and thoroughly tested to ensure safety. No other tank offers you all these features:

  • weld-free galvanized-steel outer tank
  • weld-free, corrosion-resistant inner tank
  • pipe connections above oil level in tank
  • minimum floor-space requirements
  • best warranty compared with similar tanks on the market (within warranty limits and conditions)

Granby EcoGard Double-Walled Safety Tank.

These tanks have warranties of up to 25 years and these features as well:

  • double bottom for collection of any oil leakage
  • leak-detection system
  • float-alarm system for extra safety
  • leading-edge corrosion protection
  • impact and abrasion-resistant
  • standard dimensions for easy replacement

Needham has you covered when choosing the right size heating oil tank

Needham heating oil professionals will make sure that your new tank is the right size for your home, taking into account your home’s style, floorplan, and size, the type of home heating system you use, and your heating requirements and goals.

Depend on us to recommend the best fuel oil tanks for your needs in Needham, Newton, Framingham, Wellesley, Dover, and nearby areas in Norfolk and Middlesex Counties! We also offer convenient heating oil delivery options as your affordable, dependable full-service fuel provider.