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What is SmartPay?

Stabilize your heating oil delivery expenses and slash your winter bills.

heating oil Needham, ma Let’s be candid: everything is more expensive these days.

With inflation stubbornly locked at its highest rate in decades and persistent supply chain woes leading to product shortages, sticker shock has become a daily occurrence. Global fuel markets were rocked last year by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and production cuts from OPEC, which caused all energy prices to surge too.

Happily, heating oil prices have come down from their painful heights last fall. We know that budgeting for heating fuel can be stressful, and we want our heating oil delivery customers in Norfolk and Middlesex counties to have as much peace of mind as possible. That’s why we offer SmartPay.

How does SmartPay work?

When you enroll in our SmartPay budget plan, you no longer pay in full for your fuel at the time of delivery. The Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling team looks at your usage history and current market rates. Then we determine how much fuel you’re likely to use in a year and how much it will cost. Using this total, we create a 12-month budget plan where your pay the same installment amount every month, regardless of how many deliveries you receive.

There is absolutely no fee to enroll in SmartPay. For many years, customers who enrolled in a budget have loved it. Now, with markets being so unpredictable, we’ve seen a real uptick in interested customers.

What are the benefits of SmartPay?

Even in calmer energy markets, planning for heating oil expenses can be challenging. Households get hit with their most significant fuel bills in the fall and winter. This is especially inconvenient since these months also have the costs of the holiday season and tax time.

SmartPay takes billing uncertainty out of the equation. There’s no more wondering how much the next month’s heating oil expenses will be. You know months in advance how much you’ll pay. And since you’re spreading out those payments over the whole year, your winter fuel bills are cut virtually in half.

You do not need to worry about paying too much for heating oil based on our calculations. At the end of the program year, we will settle your account. If energy prices drop and you have a credit balance, it can be applied to the next SmartPay year, or you can request a refund. In the end, you only pay the cost of the fuel you receive at the market price on the days it’s delivered — not a cent more.

Needham Oil has kept homes safe and comfortable for over 150 years!

We hope you’ll consider enrolling in SmartPay. Pretty much everyone who does ends up extremely satisfied. Most customers combine it with automatic credit card payments so they can take “paying for heating oil” off their to-do lists.

We think the convenience and assurance of SmartPay perfectly complement our reliable, friendly fuel delivery and equipment services.

We’re ready to get you set up with a SmartPay plan. Contact us right now to enroll.