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What Is Bioheat, and Why Should I Use It?

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Looking for an innovative way to reduce your home’s impact on the environment, but don’t want to spend the time or money converting your oil-fired heating system?

We have a solution for you: today’s Bioheat fuel.

Not familiar with Bioheat? Here are some answers to common questions about this cleaner, greener alternative to common heating oil.

  1. What is Bioheat?
    Bioheat is a fuel made by mixing ultra-low sulfur heating oil with biodiesel – a renewable energy resource made in America from fatty acids found in soy, corn and other vegetable oils, animal fats, recycled restaurant oils and other natural sources.
  2. What do the numbers in a Bioheat name mean?
    Since Bioheat is a blend of fuels, it is named by the percentage of biodiesel it contains – for example, B5 is five percent Biodiesel. Typical blends range from two to twenty percent biodiesel per gallon (ours is a 10 percent blend).
  3. Does Bioheat cost more than common heating oil?
    Bioheat costs are similar to those of traditional heating oil, the difference in price typically being only fractions of a penny per gallon.
  4. How will Bioheat save me money?
    While Biofuel does cost slightly more than regular No. 2 heating oil, it will save you money in the long run because it burns cleaner than regular heating oil – which means your heating system will last longer and require fewer repairs.
  5. How does Bioheat help the environment?
    Bioheat burns cleaner than regular heating oil, which means you will reduce the amount of smog-producing emissions by using it. By burning cleaner, Biofuel will also extend the life of heating equipment, which means that fewer furnaces and boilers will find their way into the landfill.
  6. Do I need to make any changes to my current equipment to use Bioheat?
    Most major heating system manufacturers accept Bioheat as covered under their warranties for use, and you won’t need to make any changes to your furnace, boiler or storage tank to use it. In fact, your equipment will be glad you made the switch (see fact #3 above). If you want to confirm that your system will work with Bioheat, contact us.

Needham Oil & Air offers Biofuel delivery to customers anywhere in our service area. Contact us today to make the switch and join the Needham family of customers!