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What Is A Heat Pump?

Heat pumps: for heating, cooling, water heaters & more!

ductless hvac massachusetts Heat pumps are popular for a reason – or rather, a few reasons. Primarily, folks like them because they are affordable and efficient. But, it makes sense if you aren’t quite sure what they do or how they work, since the terminology sounds like they’re just heaters. In fact, did you know that heat pumps are largely used for cooling, and not just heating? Read on to get all the details on heat pumps, and how they can make your life easier – and more comfortable –in Middlesex and Norfolk counties and the surrounding areas.

Why is it called a “heat” pump?

The name suggests these pumps are for “heat,” but they’re also used for cooling. In fact, heat pumps were once found mostly in Southern states, but as technology has advanced, they have become more and more practical in colder climates like ours. Heat pumps are now the year-round comfort system of choice for a growing number of homeowners in our region.

The reason behind the confusing misnomer is that heating and cooling both involve managing heat. Traditional air conditioners cool down warm air, and traditional furnaces generate heat. But, heat pumps “gather” the heat that already exists in and around a home with a compressor to harness its potential, either by circulating the consolidated heat to warm a space, or expelling the gathered heat to cool the space.

So, how does a heat pump work?

That’s why heat pumps can be used all year, no matter how hot or cold it is outside, to help reach your desired temperature inside.

  • A heat pump compresses and moves heat from indoors to outdoors (and vice versa). Heat pumps come in a variety of models including, even, gas-powered and geothermal units! Heat pumps eliminate the need for cutting into your existing ducts or adding another zone. They’re the perfect solution for homes without ductwork as well.
  • Ductless mini-splits use heat pumps for cooling purposes. Heat pumps can be combined with the technology for these ductless air conditioning systems – though the two home comfort equipment pieces are not one-in-the-same. The main advantages of mini-splits are their small size and flexibility for zoning, or heating and cooling individual rooms. This makes the system much more energy-efficient and cost-effective. With ductless mini-splits, you can enjoy air conditioning even if your home doesn’t have the ductwork necessary for central air conditioning.
  • Heat pump water heaters are often referred to as hybrid water heaters because, during periods of high hot water use, they can switch to standard electric resistance heat automatically. You also have options to control water use. You can use your unit’s control panel to set the water heater to various settings, including hybrid mode. If you don’t want it to switch over automatically, simply set it to the regular heat pump mode.

Save big and protect your investment in your heat pump

Needham installs more heat pumps than just about anyone in the area. The top-name brands of heat pumps that Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling installs provide consistent energy-efficient cooling on the hottest days and dependable warmth when the temperature drops. Our home comfort experts can help you choose the best equipment for your needs and your budget through:

  • Financing and rebate opportunities: We can also help you take advantage of special financing and generous Mass Save rebates.
  • Service plans and emergency service for heat pumps and mini-splits: If you have a later model heat pump and want to keep it running like new, Needham offers service plans that prevent costly breakdowns and keep your heat pump system running at peak efficiency. And if the worst happens, our 24-hour emergency service will be there when you need us the most. We do expert heat pump repair and heat pump maintenance on virtually any heat pump brand.

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Winters around here are hard, and summers are no picnic either. When you become a customer and choose a heat pump from Needham, we can make things much easier for you – and more comfortable! Every member of our team is totally committed to your comfort, and our everyday goal is 100% customer satisfaction, so contact us today.