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Service Your A/C: Top Reasons For Doing It In The Spring

Top reasons you should service your A/C in the spring

“C’mon,” we sometimes hear our customers say, “is a tune-up really necessary for your central air conditioner every year?”

The simple answer? Absolutely.

Let’s face it: an air conditioning system is a major investment that needs to be protected – and having your A/C professionally maintained every year is the only proven way to keep your HVAC equipment running at its best.

Here are 5 key benefits of getting routine annual A/C maintenance:

Top 5 reasons for spring A/C maintenance

  1. Lower cooling bills – Did you know that your home cooling system will lose about five percent efficiency each year you don’t maintain it properly? By preserving that efficiency, you’ll often save enough on your bills in a single cooling season to cover the cost of your tune-up.
  2. More reliable equipment – About four out of five of the air conditioner repairs we see every year are caused by problems that could have been avoided with regular A/C maintenance. Proper care will catch small problems early, before they cause inconvenient breakdowns that lead to costly cooling repairs.
  3. A healthier home – Heat and humidity can be a nuisance for some people, but it can be downright dangerous for others – especially for the older among us. If you have a medical condition that gets worse in the heat, a reliable cooling system isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.
  4. Longer system life – Replacing your neglected A/C earlier than you need to can be a drag – and a costly one, at that. Regular maintenance can add years to the life of your air conditioner.
  5. Improved air quality – A well-maintained air conditioner helps control humidity in your home, keeping it healthy and clean – especially when it’s combined with an indoor air quality system.

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Please note: At Needham Oil Complete, your safety and comfort are always our priority. Please see our COVID-19 Service Update Page to learn more about how we are working to keep your family and our crews safe and your home comfort systems working through this challenging time.