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Time to Get Your Dander Down

Cat and dog

Nearly 84 million U.S. households include either a dog or a cat. Although these furry friends make great companions (talk about unconditional love!) their dander* is one of the leading causes for allergic reactions.

If you own a pet, having an air purifier is a must. (We’ll be glad to tell you about this and other options in air cleaning systems). In the meantime, here are some additional ways you can minimize respiratory problems or allergic reactions caused by family pets.

  • Brush or bathe your pet outside
  • Remove clothing worn after grooming or playing with pets.
  • Keep pets off furniture, especially upholstered furniture.
  • Keep litter boxes away from air supply vents/registers.
  • Frequently wash items such as couch covers, pillows, curtains and pet beds.

If you need help improving your indoor air quality, please contact us.

*Dander is a combination of skin flakes and dried saliva that pets shed.