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The problem with electrifying everything

Like many of you, we want to take smart, fast action to protect our climate.

But we’re worried that the commonwealth is trying to do this by pursuing a narrow strategy that would “electrify everything.”

Much of this strategy relies on technology and infrastructure that doesn’t exist on scale, will cost billions of dollars, and will likely end up creating the most pain for those who can least afford it.

Some communities are already trying to force people to replace their natural gas, heating oil or propane gas systems with electric heat pumps that would cost more than $20,000 for a full house conversion. This could leave many people feeling cold in the winter.

All of this comes at a time when we’re constantly suffering power outages even before we’ve even added tons of new demand.

Overlooked is the fact that traditional fuels like heating oil have made big strides in reducing its carbon footprint. Our B20 Bioheat® Plus fuel combines renewable biofuel with ultra-low sulfur heating oil that dramatically cuts carbon emissions. Plus, our Bioheat Plus fuel doesn’t require modifications to your current heating oil system, costly conversions or billions of dollars in new electric infrastructure.

Bottom line: we need to employ multiple strategies to accelerate decarboniza¬tion with far less cost or disruption and not put all our eggs in one fragile, hugely expensive electric basket.