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The Importance of Routine A/C Maintenance

Repairing air conditioner

When it comes to maintaining your home air conditioning system, it may be temping to skip an annual tune-up if things seem to be running smoothly. After all, what harm could come from missing one little old year of year of maintenance?

As it turns out, it could do quite a bit of harm.

Your air conditioner works hard every year to keep your home cool and comfortable, and the inevitable cost of that hard work is minor wear and tear on your equipment – perhaps not enough to notice easily or right away, but enough to rob your system of performance now and lead to more substantial (and preventable) A/C repairs later.

When our technicians visit for an air conditioning tune-up, they test your system top to bottom to find every bit of that wear and tear, and to make sure that your home cooling system is ready for the strain of day-to-day use no matter what our Massachusetts summer throws our way. Trust us, that level of care will come in handy on the hottest days of the year, when you need your system most – which is also the time when most poorly maintained cooling systems run out of steam.

Another big reason to get an annual A/C tune-up? It may be required your equipment warranty – definitely something you’ll want to look into before you get surprised by a repair bill that you expected your manufacturer to cover.
The bottom line: Your home air conditioner is an investment, and like any investment it pays to protect it. An annual tune-up is a must-have for any home cooling system – one that will pay for itself in a single season. Schedule yours today!

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