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The grass wasn’t greener

Last fall, Mara D., of Brookline, left us after 11 years because another heating oil company offered her a lower rate.

“It wasn’t worth it,” she says. “They didn’t do my annual cleaning as promised, and I could never get anyone to speak with on the phone. When I finally got someone and said I was leaving them, they told me I was breaking my contract with them and it would cost several hundred dollars to be released from it.”

We do business a different way at Needham Oil Complete, where our relationships with our customers is based on our performance. We’ll never lock you into a contract.

We’re happy to say Mara has rejoined us after finding that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side.

Mara says she looks forward to once again getting the type of be-right-over service that she has received from us for so long.