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Ductless Heating: Supplementing Your Oil Heat

mini split ductless system massachusettsWhen it comes to heating your home, heating oil is the BTU king, providing more comforting heat than any other home energy source.

But there are times when even the best oil-fired furnace or boiler can’t keep pace with the heating challenges of your home. For example, if you’ve done significant renovations that added square feet to your home without changing your heating system, it may not be able to keep up with the increased load. Or you could simply have a “problem room” that never gets warm enough to enjoy in the winter.

Other Home Heating Options

You might think that the only option in a situation like this is to get a bigger furnace or boiler, and that may be true. But there’s another possibility to consider: adding supplemental high efficiency heating/cooling mini-split system to take some of the pressure off your primary oil-fired heating system.

Although they are best known for their amazing cooling performance, many of today’s ductless systems can also handle heating duties, offering a great way to provide targeted zone heating in your home. With air handlers available in several sizes, a ductless hybrid heating / cooling system could provide an effective, high efficiency solution for drafty rooms, workspaces, basements, or anywhere else in need of a heating boost.

Rather than turning up the thermostat and paying to heat your whole home, why not simply adjust the thermostat locally via the mini-split’s air handler within the problematic room or space? It will save you money on heating bills, reduce wear and tear on your main heating system, and keep you comfortable in an otherwise “lost” room.

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