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Benefits of Spring A/C Maintenance

Don’t spend summer regretting lost opportunities of spring

home cooling tune up massachusettsHomeowners and business owners vary in when they begin thinking about the health of their air conditioning system each year. Some folks start itching to switch over to their cooling units early in the spring, the moment the temperature creeps into the 70s, while others have an outdated hard-and-fast rule about not using the air conditioner until June, no matter how sweltering it gets. But regardless of your tolerance for sweat, the sooner you can get your air conditioner squared away for summer, the better. Read on to learn more about why spring air conditioning maintenance makes a difference.

Beat the crowds

One of the best reasons to make sure you get your air conditioning maintenance taken care of in the spring comes down to simple supply and demand. Air conditioners break when they’re being taxed by the highest temperatures, typically during the peak of summer. Compounding the heavy need for air conditioning repair in the warmest months is the fact that the hotter it is, the more uncomfortable people get, and the sooner they’d like to see their air conditioner up and running again. By summer, gone are the days when you could get by with just opening the windows and running a fan. What’s bearable in May does not hold true for July.

Save money on your energy bills

A system that’s running efficiently can save you as much as 10% on your cooling costs. Spring maintenance includes a variety of tune-ups and tasks to help with your system’s efficiency, such as:

  • Adding lubrication to system parts as necessary,
  • Tightening and adjusting hardware so that nothing becomes loose,
  • Cleaning components and removing dirt, dust and debris that slows your equipment,
  • Repairing and replacing belts, seals, air filters or any other parts that need attention.

While some of these issues may seem small and wouldn’t initially cause a total system breakdown, not being in great shape can slowly eat away at your air conditioner’s efficiency, costing you lots of money on energy bills. Plus, tune-ups can help prevent most problems that cause system failures in the first place. An air conditioning maintenance visit and inspection will help catch service problems early before they get you hot under the collar.

Prevent costly breakdowns

Likewise, a minor issue like a loose part or a clogged air filter may not seem like a big deal in the spring, but over time, the resulting wear and tear adds up, wreaking havoc on your air conditioning system in the summer. Identifying and addressing minor issues before they grow into big problems means you have a better chance of preventing costly breakdowns and the need for emergency repairs, right in the thick of the heatwave. Many breakdowns occur on the hottest day of the year because that’s when your cooling system is under the most stress.

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