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Are You Setting Your Thermostat Too Low in Winter? Here Are 2 Dangers To Watch For.

Dangers of setting thermostat too low Middlesex or Norfolk County, MA

When it comes to setting your thermostat temperature, how low should you go?

It could be tempting during the winter to take the load completely off your furnace or boiler by dropping temperatures quite a bit at night, or to turn off your heating system altogether when you’re away from home (or if you own a seasonal or vacation home that sits empty in the winter).

But the truth is we wouldn’t recommend ever dropping temperatures in your home below 55°F – a temperature that strikes a good balance between conserving energy and preventing costly problems.

What problems, you ask? Let’s take a look.

Problems with setting your thermostat too low:

Problem #1: Frozen pipes

When temperatures inside your house drop too low, the risk for frozen pipes increases dramatically.

Most bathroom and kitchen pipes are not insulated, so they rely on your home heating system to keep them warm. Without adequate ambient heat, these pipes can freeze and eventually burst, causing severe water and structural damage that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Problem #2: Condensation damage

A second problem that setting the temperature too low in your home can cause is a buildup of condensation inside your home. Condensation (water) occurs when moist air comes into contact with a cold surface; the cooler the air in your home is, the less moisture it can hold.

A buildup of condensation can damage your wood floors, furniture, and electronic equipment, so it’s definitely something you want to avoid.

Prevent these problems with a programmable thermostat

An easy way to avoid these problems is to install a programmable or smart thermostat; these easy-to-use devices will help you keep temperatures low while you’re away and higher while you’re home. Contact us today to learn more about thermostat options for your Middlesex or Norfolk County, MA home.

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