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Rebates of up to $500 for a New, High-Efficiency System

Conservce Fuel and Lower Costs

Many homeowners have never had the opportunity to select the heating system in their homes. When they bought their homes, it was either the one that the builder chose for them, or the one that prior homeowners chose.

Today’s new, high-efficiency heating systems have enhanced technology and control capabilities to provide optimal comfort while decreasing your energy bills. Another popular feature of modern, high-efficiency heating systems is that they operate significantly quieter than old heaters.

As a certified Bryant dealer, we can help you take advantage of Bryant rebates of up to $500 for a new high-efficiency furnace.

In addition, we can help you qualify for the Mass Save Heat Loan program, which currently offers rebates of up to $500 on a new boiler and $300 on an oil-fired indirect water heater.

Mass Save also provides energy-efficiency financing initiatives for homeowners. Loans of up to $25,000 and 0% financing for loan terms up to seven years are available for a variety of home improvement projects — including the replacement of heating equipment.

Today’s boilers and furnaces offer homeowners a great opportunity to increase their comfort while decreasing their energy usage. New systems now heat your home using significantly less energy compared to older generations. Energy-efficient equipment can be installed with controls to use only as much fuel as needed to heat your home or a specific part of your home.

Many people are taking a closer look at the energy efficiency of their homes so they can conserve fuel and lower their heating costs. If you want to take advantage of today’s energy-efficient heating systems, we specialize in working with homeowners to design a new heating system that fits your home and your budget.

We’re here to help. We want to make sure that you make the right choice and are happy with your decision; after all, when we’re done working together, you will have made a decision that will impact your home’s comfort and your energy usage for many years!

Your comfort is our top priority. Contact us by phone at 781-444-3600, or by email ( if you need any help or have any questions.