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Put Warm or Cool Air Exactly Where You Need It

Mitsubishi ductless AC

Customers have been giving us rave reviews after we’ve installed a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split system in their home. We expect demand for these units to continue throughout the year, because these systems can not only keep you cool but provide warm air too!

It’s easy. For each room where you tell us you want more heating or cooling, we’ll install a compact wall unit. (No expensive ductwork is required!)

You can use these units for any room in the house. They’re a perfect solution for rooms that are hard to heat or cool, like a corner bedroom or a sunroom. We can install multiple indoor units, which are connected to one outdoor unit. This lets you create your own zone of comfort, allowing you to heat or cool individual rooms as well as hallways and open spaces.

Today’s ductless systems are remarkably efficient and environmentally friendly. Specially designed air vents efficiently reduce sound to provide quiet comfort. Ductless units also use “green” refrigerant that cannot harm the ozone. These systems can use as little as one-third of the energy of conventional cooling and heating equipment so your savings can really add up!

Installing a ductless system is not only easy, but it allows for flexibility in where you deliver heating and cooling in your home without the use of ductwork. A ductless system is a great solution for homes without conventional ductwork (if you have a boiler, for example).

Contact us if you’d like to know more about installing a ductless system in your home. You can read more about ductless systems here.