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On the path to a cleaner future

We’re committed to doing our part to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change. We started by converting our fuel from traditional heating oil to Bioheat® fuel with a 2% blend of renewable biofuel.

Today, we deliver Bioheat Plus® fuel, which has a 20% biofuel component. This is a big step forward in immediately reducing greenhouse gas emissions without the huge costs associated with converting your home to electric heat pumps.

Not only do heating systems burn fuel more efficiently with our B20 Bioheat Plus fuel but they also last longer and require fewer repairs. No system modifications are necessary.

The endgame is to transition to B100 Bioheat fuel (100% biodiesel). Recently, the country’s largest producer of heating oil burners, the R.W. Beckett Corporation, announced it had begun production of the first fully warrantied burners with B100-compliant components.

Additionally, the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has demonstrated that a home in New York heated with 100% biodiesel and using solar panels to produce electricity can reach net-zero carbon emissions quickly — and at an economically viable cost.

All of this is exciting news for everyone who appreciates the many benefits of using heating oil to stay safe and warm, but wants to do their part for the environment.

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