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Lessons Learned in Winter 2017-18

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Although you wouldn’t know it by looking out your window, spring arrived this week – and warmer days and nights won’t be far behind. But before we put away the snow blowers, let’s take a look at some things we’ve learned from winter 2017-18.

What we learned from winter 2017-2018

If you could sum up winter 2018 in one phrase, it would be “expect the unexpected.” From routine 30-degree overnight temperature drops to four Nor’easters in a three week span, Mother Nature’s bag of tricks was stuffed to the brim.

The answer to that unpredictability is to be prepared for anything – and the best way to do that is to get a tune-up every year. Nothing prepares your heating system for its winter marathon like a tune-up, and when you consider that a tune-up will basically pay for itself with lower energy bills, it’s really a must-have. We estimate that about four out of five of our service calls are made for problems that routine service would have prevented – think about those numbers the next time you’re waiting for emergency service on the coldest night of the year.

Speaking of cold nights at home: we saw a lot of fuel run-outs this winter, especially when record-low temperatures gripped our region for several brutal January weeks. But you know who didn’t experience those run-outs? Our automatic delivery customers. They got their fuel on time and received priority service for any emergency problems they encountered. That peace of mind makes signing up for FREE automatic delivery service a no-brainer.

Another no-brainer? Upgrading an old heating system when (or even before) a big repair arrives. Properly maintained HVAC equipment can last a while – but not forever (you’re usually good for about 12-15 years or so, IF you maintain your system every year). When the inevitable repairs start to add up, it’s time to consider a high-efficiency upgrade – especially when you consider some of the generous incentives available from manufacturers and MassSave.

Three lessons, three ways to make next winter a little easier for you and your family. For other ways to take the stress out of winter, give us a call – we’re happy to help.

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