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Lack of A/C Maintenance can Cause Water Damage

A/C Maintenance

Every year, we need to fix A/C systems that leak water into a home. This is usually caused by a lack of maintenance. Here’s why.

During normal operation, a central air system produces large amounts of water from condensation, which forms when warm, humid air comes in contact with the a/c system’s cold evaporator coil (located inside the house). Normally, the condensation is removed through a drainage system. But if the system becomes clogged, the condensation backs up and spills over the drain pan in the coil.

Considering that the typical a/c system drains about 27 gallons of water in just one day of operation, you can imagine the mess you will have if that water does not divert properly!

That’s one reason we recommend getting your air conditioning system inspected once a year. This allows us to correct problems that could develop into a leak. One important task we do during our tune-up service is to flush the condensation line to prevent dirt build-up in your system. On your own, you should change or clean the system’s air filter once a month. When you don’t, the filter becomes packed with dirt, which eventually gets sucked into the coil. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s guidelines for changing or cleaning your filter.

If you haven’t had your air conditioning system checked and cleaned this year, please contact us for an appointment.