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Installation team knows all of the steps

We received words of praise from William and Patricia S., of Watertown, after we installed a new Buderus oil boiler in their home last fall.

“The installers were very friendly and followed all of the proper COVID protocols,” says Patricia. “We always felt like we were in good hands.”

William was impressed with how quickly our crew got organized and down to business only a few minutes after their arrival.

“It was almost like watching a professional, highly choreographed dance team,” William told us. “Everyone had a part to play. All work was completed with minimal disruption and mess. I was a little worried about them getting the old boiler out of the basement because the space is so cramped, but they got through it with flying colors. It’s nice to know we don’t have to worry about our boiler breaking down again during the winter. Thanks, Needham!”

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