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Indirect Water Heaters – A Smarter Way to Heat Your Water?

Heating system water heater

An indirect hot water heater is one of the smartest, and most efficient ways to heat water available for your home today – yet it’s an option that you may not have considered or even heard about.

So what is an indirect hot water heater?

Basically, an indirect water heater is a system that uses energy that is already being generated by your boiler to also heat your water. This means, during the winter months, an indirect system basically provides your hot water for free – a pretty big deal when you consider that heating water can account for more than 20 percent of your energy bills.

Since installing an indirect hot water heater involves both your heating and electrical systems, hiring a pro is a must if you want your system to operate efficiently enough to make the investment worthwhile (it will often pay for itself in just a few years, if your installation is done right).

The bottom line: If you’re looking for a smart water-heating alternative, an indirect hot heater could be just what you need.

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