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How Often Should You Service Your Boiler?

Regular maintenance lowers fuel expenses and improves your home heating.

boiler service Wellesley Hills, ma What would happen if you drove your car for an entire year without getting its oil changed or having a tune-up? The chance that you’d break down on the highway would increase substantially. Your gas mileage would likely suffer, and your vehicle would experience faster wear and tear.

Your car and your home’s boiler have more in common than you think. You need both to operate well. Both have complex mechanical and electrical components that can wear down and break. And both require service once a year from a trained professional.

Benefits of Annual Boiler Maintenance

Getting yearly boiler maintenance pays off in many ways, including the following:

  1. Better fuel efficiency — Whether your boiler uses heating oil or gas, getting yearly maintenance for your equipment will help its efficiency. This reduces the amount of fuel you need in the winter and lowers heating expenses.
  2. Prevented repairs — When a trained technician looks at your heating equipment, they will identify and fix minor issues that, left unattended, balloon into breakdowns and pricy repairs. A sudden boiler failure can also mean water damage in your home.
  3. Extended service life — Regular service helps your boiler last for its longest possible lifespan.
  4. Better home comfort — An HVAC technician will keep your boiler system running at peak performance. You’ll enjoy reliable warmth all winter long — no matter how blustery the weather is.
  5. Peace of mind — An annual maintenance visit allows us to ensure your system is burning fuel and venting combustion products (including carbon monoxide) correctly. This is essential for the safety and well-being of your loved ones.
  6. Manufacturer’s warranty — Your equipment’s warranty requires annual service from a licensed technician. If you skip your yearly service and your boiler breaks down, that warranty could be void. You’ll be on the hook for the full cost of the repair.

The Best Time for Boiler Service

We generally advise our customers in Norfolk and Middlesex counties to arrange heating system maintenance when they don’t need their boilers to stay comfortable. Summer is ideal for boiler service, but it’s not too late to schedule a service appointment this fall and ensure your boiler works well as winter arrives.

When you contact us in the fall for maintenance, we can typically find a convenient appointment time more easily since our technicians won’t be fielding lots of no-heat emergency requests.

Guarantee Your Boiler’s Complete Efficiency with Needham Oil.

If you want 100% confidence in your home’s boiler, we recommend protecting it with a Needham Oil service plan. This affordable coverage comes with complementary annual maintenance for your heating system. You’ll also receive 24-hour priority emergency service, discounted (or FREE) repairs and diagnostics, and generous loyalty credits.

Having a service plan with us means that your boiler will receive maintenance to sustain its performance and efficiency, and should you need a repair, it won’t break the bank.

The Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling team is here to enhance your home comfort this winter. Arrange boiler service today.