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How Much Heating Oil Will I Use?

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It’s a question we’re often asked, usually at the beginning of the season: how much heating oil will I need for the season, and how long will a tank of heating oil last?

While we can make an educated guess based the size of your house and the winters we’ve had in the past here in Massachusetts, the truth is we don’t really know how long your heating oil will last.

Why? Well, for one thing, the weather is – how do we put this nicely – unpredictable? – here in Massachusetts. Let’s face it, the weather has been downright schizophrenic so far this year: by our unofficial count, we’ve already experienced four days in which we’ve had a 30 degree shift in temperatures within a 24-hour period in 2018.

For another thing, many factors influence how much fuel your heating system will use. Here are just some of the things that come into play:

  • The size of the oil tank (we talked a bit about this in our last blog)
  • How much direct sunlight your home gets
  • Your thermostat settings
  • The outdoor temperature
  • How much wind exposure your home gets, and how airtight and insulated your home is
  • How efficient and well maintained your heating system is

For a more complete discussion on the factors affect the performance of your home’s heating and cooling system, read here.

As you can see, the amount of fuel you burn is not easy to predict – which is why it’s so much easier just to leave it to us. Sign up for Automatic Delivery and we’ll figure out exactly when you’ll need a heating oil top off so you never have to think how much oil you need – or when you need it – again.

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