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Is It Time To Replace My Heating System?

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It’s an age-old question – especially if you’re facing costly heating repairs: should I invest in a new heating system?

Sometimes, the answer to that question is easy; sometimes not so much. But there are questions you can ask yourself that will help you get to the bottom of a choice you can live with. Here are five of them.

  • How old is your system? In general, the older your furnace or boiler is, the less sense a repair makes. To give you some sense about how long you should expect your equipment to last, furnaces have average lifespans of about 15-20 years; boilers last a little longer. But just because your heating system hasn’t broken down completely doesn’t mean it makes sense to repair it when the time comes. By the time your system has reached its teen years, It has probably lost a step or two efficiency-wise due to normal wear and tear; by replacing it with a modern high efficiency heating system, you could save enough in just a few years to offset the upgrade cost.
  • What are the repair and replacement costs? Small, easy and inexpensive heating repairs are a worthwhile investment most of the time; if repairs are more costly, however, it’s time to crunch some numbers. In general, if the cost to repair your heating system is at least half the cost of a replacement, it makes sense to invest in a new system. Manufacturer’s rebates and other incentives can also tip the scales in favor of replacement.
  • How well has your equipment been maintained? A professionally maintained heating system will last longer – sometimes years longer – than a one that’s been neglected (one of the main reasons why we’re such adamant advocates of routine heating maintenance on this blog). It will also be much more likely to maintain its efficiency and performance, expanding the window when a repair would remain a sensible option.
  • Is my current system safe? An older heating system carries a much higher risk of having safety issues than a new system. Older heat exchangers can crack or rust, for example, raising the risk for a carbon monoxide leak in your home.
  • Are you planning to move? If a move is on the horizon, replacing your heating system probably doesn’t make sense, since you won’t get the return on your investment in the form of a higher home sales price.

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