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A Hometown Company Will Keep You Warm and Comfortable

Heating Oil & HVAC Services Needham MA

Every time we hear about another local fuel dealer getting bought out by a large corporation that’s based far from here, we always wonder how it will affect its customers.

If the past is any guide, these folks will certainly lose the sense of connection and personal service they probably enjoyed with their old fuel dealer. And any “special price” that their new, bigger company offers them will quickly evaporate after a few months.

Many of our customers say they chose us because they wanted to do business with a local, family-owned company, one that has deep roots in the community and that cares about the people who live here.

We think it’s a special kind of relationship when you see the employees and owners of your fuel company at a neighborhood Little League game, in the supermarket, or at a PTA meeting.

Of course, all of this would be meaningless unless your hometown company can also deliver the best service and value to you. As we begin another heating season, rest assured that we will always be there for you, no matter the weather or time of day. You won’t get that kind of guarantee from a gas utility! We have the resources and experience to guarantee that we can meet that commitment.

We thank you for your trust and loyalty. Call us anytime you need our help at 781-444-3600. You’re important to us!