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How We Helped One Customer Breathe Easier

Breathe Easier

With the allergy season upon us again, many of you have been asking us about indoor air quality products and services, and we’re pleased to have the resources and expertise to offer solutions to your problems. Here’s how we helped one customer.

Doug S. used to suffer from asthma and allergies, which he could only relieve through medication.

But then he consulted one of our indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists. After speaking with Doug in depth and evaluating his home environment, we installed a whole-house air filtration system and humidifier. Over time, Doug’s condition improved to the point where he no longer needed to rely solely on his medication to breathe easily.

If you feel your indoor air quality can be improved, please contact us and we’ll strive to make your outcome as happy as Doug’s. Needham is always here to help you stay comfortable in your home—in more ways than one!

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