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Help Us Keep Delivery Flawless This Winter

help us deliverNeedham Oil Complete drivers pride themselves in delivering heating oil in even the most drastic of MA weather conditions – a big part of the reason why 475 of our 503 online reviewers have given our company a five start rating.

But they can’t do it without your help.

To make sure that everyone – including your family and your neighbors – has a chance to get their heating oil when they need it most, please try to remember to do these three things as we enter the winter season here in Central Massachusetts:

  • Keep a path to your fill pipe clear – Please remove snow, ice, and fallen branches that might be blocking the route to your heating oil fill pipe so our delivery team can do its job safely. Try to keep at least a one-foot-wide path clear.
  • Clear your driveway – We’re not allowed to deliver your fuel if it’s not safe to do so (it’s not our call; it’s the law). If your driveway is covered with snow or ice, please clear and sand or salt it. Remember, our delivery vehicles are wider than your car: we need a 9-foot to 10-foot-wide clear path in your driveway to allow enough room to maneuver. It also helps if you mark the borders of your driveway if the snow has covered them.
  • Don’t wait for the last minute – It’s best to place your heating oil delivery order before your fuel level reaches the one-quarter mark in your tank, especially if temperatures are low or forecast to drop; doing this will give us enough notice to schedule a delivery for you.

Did you know that we schedule extra deliveries when severe weather is forecast? It’s just one more way we deliver Complete Confidence! Contact us today to schedule a fuel delivery in Middlesex or Norfolk County – or to join the Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling family of customers.