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Heating System Service Plans: Are They Worth It?

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A heating system is a big investment for a homeowner – one that will keep your family safe and comfortable through many a Massachusetts winter.

Of course, just how many winters your heating system lasts will greatly depend on how well you maintain it. Like any mechanical equipment, routine care is a must for any modern furnace or boiler – and the best way to get it is by signing up for a Needham Oil Complete Heating Service Plan.

Available for natural gas or oil-fired systems, our service plans offer many benefits that will help you get more heating bang for your buck.

Consider these service plan perks

  • Priority/Emergency service – When you sign up for a Needham Complete Gold or Silver Heating Plan, you’ll get priority / emergency service 24/7/365.
  • Covered or discounted repairs – With our Gold Plans, you’ll get FREE parts-and-labor coverage for most of your heating system; at the Silver level, you’ll get a 15 percent discount on repairs and diagnostic fees. Both will save you a bundle if you run into a problem requiring a significant heating system problem.
  • Loyalty Credits – Sign up for our Gold or Silver heating plan and you’ll get up to $500 in Loyal Credits to use toward a replacement heating system.
  • Better performance – An unmaintained heating system could lose five percent efficiency or more every year – which means that professional heating system maintenance will often pay for itself in energy efficiency savings alone. All our service plans include a routine annual service visit and inspection.
  • Fewer repairs – With regular annual service visits, our expert heating technicians can catch problems early, before they turn into costly repairs. They can also give you a heads up when it’s smart time to invest in a heating system upgrade rather than pouring more money into fixing old, inefficient equipment.
  • Ongoing warrantee coverage – Most heating systems require professional maintenance to keep a warrantee in force; with a Needham Oil Complete service plan, you’ll check that box.
  • Longer lasting equipment – Regular preventive care from a heating professional makes sure your equipment runs safely and efficiently, which means it will last longer.

As you can see, enrolling in a service plan from an experienced heating contractor like Needham can provide many benefits – even when compared to a signing up for a simple heating tune-up.

For COMPLETE coverage on your heating system, nothing beats a service plan from Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling! Contact us today to enroll, or to learn more about heating system maintenance in Middlesex and Norfolk County, MA!