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Is It Time to Replace Your Heating Oil Tank?

You can go decades without replacing your fuel storage tank — but not forever.

oil tank installation Wellesley Hills, ma Depending on how long you’ve lived in your current home, you might never have replaced your heating oil tank, or even thought about it. Heating oil storage tanks are among the longest-lasting items in a house. Our Middlesex and Norfolk County customers can go decades without thinking about a tank replacement.

Still, when your oil tank is approaching retirement, it’s crucial to be proactive in finding a replacement. With over 150 years in the home comfort business, Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling can guide you through your choices and upgrade you to a cutting-edge oil tank.

How often should you replace your heating oil tank?

Generally, you can expect your aboveground oil tank (including those in your basement) to last about 25 years. Underground tanks tend to last closer to 15 years.

How can you tell if it’s time to replace your oil tank?

The main reason that an oil tank will fail is corrosion. Condensation forms on the interior of the tank and drips down, causing sediment to form low in the vessel. Over time, this will corrode the tank. It’s hard to see internal corrosion from outside the tank, but there are warning signs, including the following:

  • oil on the floor or oil smells around your tank
  • condensation and wet spots on your tank
  • pinhole leaks
  • rusting, peeling or bubbling paint
  • dents on the body of your tank

You should also keep an eye open for failing tank legs, vent alarms, gauges and fuel lines.

Staying ahead of the game is essential when your tank is failing. Putting off an inspection could result in a heating oil spill. These lead to expensive clean-ups and environmental remediation jobs. Get in touch with the Needham Oil team now, and our technicians can assess the health of your tank and begin work replacing it if necessary.

How do you dispose of a failing heating oil tank?

If you have an aboveground tank, the replacement process is relatively straightforward. We will transfer any remaining fuel to a temporary tank, then dismantle your old tank and haul it away for safe disposal. After that, we can install your new tank and fill it.

Underground tanks can be more challenging to address, but you will be happy you have an experienced team like Needham Oil. Old underground tanks can leak and contaminate the soil. Often, the most sensible solution is to excavate and remove the whole tank. Other times, we can decommission the tank by removing all fuel and filling it in.

What do new heating oil tanks look like?

You’ll be astonished by the technological advances that heating oil tanks have undergone. The Roth and Granby products we sell and install are practically leak-proof. They have double-walled construction, weld-free tanks, corrosion-resistant materials and features that alert you to fuel leaks. Their sleek, compact designs allow us to install them in tighter spaces.

Also, for a limited time, you can qualify for a generous rebate through the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association for installing a new heating oil tank. We can help you secure these savings!

If you’re concerned that your aging tank might be nearing retirement, contact the Needham Oil team today for a free estimate.