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Do Heating Oil Tanks Need to Be Inspected?

Our HVAC team can assess, repair and replace your oil storage tank.

heating oil tank Needham Heights, MA How long do you think the average aboveground heating oil tank lasts? A typical, well-maintained tank can last for 25 years or more. We’ve even seen tanks function in good condition for well over 30 years!

This is excellent news for homeowners in Needham Heights and throughout Eastern Massachusetts who depend on heating oil for warmth. But just because a fuel tank has a long lifespan doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. If your heating oil tank becomes corroded and spills fuel, you could find yourself with an expensive, disruptive clean-up and environmental remediation job.

Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling is happy to inspect your home heating oil tank, repair it if needed and replace it when the time comes for a fuel storage upgrade.

Is your heating oil tank nearing failure?

The primary cause of heating oil tank failures is internal corrosion. Moisture can form on the inside of your tank. This water will settle on the tank’s bottom, where it can create a sludgy mess full of sediment and pernicious micro-organisms. These agents will eat away at the inside of your tank, leading to fuel leaks.
One of the best ways to slow internal corrosion is to keep your heating oil tank full during the warmer months. Less empty space in the tank means less condensation and less water to foster corrosive elements.

Can you inspect your own tank?

Internal corrosion is hard to see with the naked eye. That said, you are the first line of defense against a tank failure in your own home. So, we recommend you check your heating oil tank at least once a year.

Here are some key points to inspect:

  1. Check the seams on your tank for rust.
  2. Check for wet spots or paint blistering on the body of the tank.
  3. Look for pinhole leaks on the bottom of the tank or oil on the floor around it.
  4. Follow the fuel line from the tank to your heating equipment and search for leaking, splitting or breaking.
  5. Look at the heating oil filter and make sure the oil isn’t escaping there.
  6. Check your tank legs to ensure they aren’t loose or damaged.
  7. Make sure your fuel gauge and oil tank vent alarm are in good working order.

If you see any issues on your visual inspection, contact your heating oil company right away.

How can Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling help?

Our trained and seasoned heating oil professionals know exactly what to look for when it comes to tank corrosion. We can perform a thorough inspection and determine the condition of your heating oil tank. We may be able to repair the issue for you. However, if your tank needs to be retired, we can replace it quickly, safely and with a much better model.

The new, state-of-the-art oil tanks we install have weld-free galvanized steel, double-walled construction, leak-prevention features and amazing warranties. They come in compact shapes and sizes to save you space in your basement, too.

Get in touch with the Needham Oil team to arrange a heating oil tank assessment.