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Heating Oil Helps You Save

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You’ve probably been enjoying the good news when you fill your car’s gas tank at the pump. That’s because oil prices on the world market have dropped to their lowest point in five years, mainly due to the energy revolution going on in American production. We’ve created a huge surge in American-made oil.

This heating season, average household expenditures for heating oil were expected to be 15% lower compared with last winter, according to the EIA’s October report on Short-Term Energy and Winter Fuels Outlook. Meanwhile, limitations on the way that natural gas is distributed continue to create supply challenges.

Heading into winter, natural gas prices had reached their most expensive point in more than a decade because of concerns that pipelines may not be able to distribute enough fuel, according to Bloomberg News.

Here in New England, where pipeline capacity isn’t anywhere near adequate, it’s estimated that natural gas customers pay twice as much as natural gas users in other parts of the country.

By sticking with oil heat and upgrading to high-efficiency, clean-burning oil heating equipment, you can reduce emissions, save energy, and keep your heating bills reasonable – without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

And you’ll still have us on your side. Your peace of mind and comfort is our top concern, and we are always willing to go out of our way to keep you warm and safe. Can any gas company make the same claim — and then back it up?

At Needham Oil, your comfort is our top priority. You’re important to us!

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