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Heating Oil FAQ

Heating Oil 101: Everything You Need To Know

heating oil supplier massachusetts Heating oil has evolved quite significantly over the years, and nowadays, it barely resembles the heating oil of our grandparents’ era. Because this fuel has changed so much, it makes sense that homeowners may have a lot of questions about whether heating oil is right for their needs and priorities. Read on to get the answers to your “heated” questions about heating oil!

Your Heating Oil Questions Answered

  • How does heating oil impact the environment? The heating oil industry has been undergoing a revolution in the advancement of its fuel—and the equipment used to burn that fuel. That’s why heating oil has been reformulated in recent years to make it cleaner-burning—it’s much more environmentally friendly and significantly more energy efficient these days.
  • How have heating oil appliances evolved? New, greener, and more efficient heating oil technology development has opened the door for the next generation of compact, super-efficient boilers and furnaces.
  • Is heating oil affordable? Because of oil heat’s impressive efficiency, you can enjoy high comfort levels and great value—no matter how cold it gets! No need to cut back on your family’s comfort to save money, when you use energy-efficient heating oil.
  • Is heating oil energy-efficient? Yes! New oil heat systems have efficiency ratings as high as 95%; this provides oil-heated homes with more warmth using less fuel.
  • How much heating oil does it take to heat your home? To heat their homes each year, homeowners now need an average of 500 gallons of oil less than they did decades ago. That’s because new oil heating systems are much more efficient than those from a generation ago.
  • How bulky are heating oil units? New oil heat systems are much smaller than older ones. Average boilers and furnaces today are powerful yet compact—similar in size to a three-drawer filing cabinet.
  • What is Bioheat® Fuel? All of the fuel we put in your tank is B20 Bioheat Plus® fuel. This is an efficient, ultra-clean-burning fuel that can be used with your current heating equipment. Bioheat is a fuel made by mixing ultra-low-sulfur heating oil with biodiesel—a renewable energy resource produced in America that’s often made from the fatty acids found in soy, corn, and other vegetable oils.
  • What’s in store for heating oil’s future? Thanks to research and development spearheaded by the National Oil-heat Research Alliance (NORA), heating oil is being made more cleanly and efficiently than ever before. The overall goal is to transition to even higher blends of Bioheat, which will further reduce your carbon footprint and actually turn heating oil into a carbon-neutral energy source.
  • How does Bioheat help the environment? When you use Bioheat, you will reduce emissions. By burning more cleanly, Bioheat also extends the life of heating equipment, which means that fewer furnaces and boilers will find their way into the landfill. Plus, your heating system will not only burn fuel more efficiently, it will also last longer and require fewer repairs.

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