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Your Winter Heating Oil Delivery Checklist

5 things to consider when preparing for your fuel delivery

heating oil delivery massachusetts It’s a busy time of the year for just about everyone. People are catching up with the responsibilities of daily life after the holidays. And for many MetroWest homeowners, that means filling their heating oil tanks.

Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling has heating oil delivery trucks out on the road virtually around the clock. We take our responsibility to our customers seriously. You can help us stay on schedule and deliver your oil quickly and safely by answering these five questions. You can think of this like your winter delivery checklist.

1. Can we find your house?

While the days have started getting longer, the sun still sets early this time of year. Plus, many homes’ street numbers become obscured by branches, snow and ice. This can make it difficult for our driver to find your home. Please ensure that your street number is visible and your exterior lights are on. It’s an incredible help.

2. Is it safe to park on your driveway?

To ensure we can safely navigate your driveway, it is essential that you shovel any snow. A nine- to 10-foot-wide path should be available for the driver. On inclines, we also need to be able to secure wheel chocks (the wedges that prevent vehicles from rolling backward), so please apply salt or sand for traction.

We also appreciate it when you mark the borders of your driveway in case snow has covered them.

3. Is there a clear path to your fill pipe?

If you have a fence around your property, please unlock your gate or have someone on hand to open it. It’s also a good idea to keep pets safely inside while the gate is open.

We’ll need to access your inlet valve. You can help us by clearing away snow, ice, foliage or debris so we can locate it quickly and complete their job in a jiffy!

4. How is your heating oil system doing right now?

While preparing to receive your fuel delivery, it’s an excellent opportunity to assess the condition of your heating oil tank and equipment. Look out for the following issues:

  • Rusting, dents, or moisture on the tank body
  • Unstable tank legs
  • Broken components, including the vent alarm or fuel gauge
  • Cracking or splitting fuel lines

We are a full-service home comfort company. Our technician can inspect your tank, make repairs and recommend a replacement if necessary.

If you’ve put off having a boiler or furnace tune-up, our technicians can also handle that. Regular maintenance will improve your system’s performance, extend its life expectancy and keep you in compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Are you on automatic delivery yet?

Are you still calling us for your heating oil? Doing so means you need to constantly check your tank levels and vastly increases the likelihood of running out unexpectedly. But we have a solution.

When you enroll in our no-fee automatic delivery, we handle the planning for you. Our computerized system calculates how much fuel you have based on customer history and the weather. Then we schedule a refill before you run low.

Interested in getting the most dependable heating oil delivery in the MetroWest region? Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling is here to help! Join our family of customers today.