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Protect Your Heating System With a Service Plan

Complete Heating Service Plans: Yearly Maintenance & So Much More!

heating repair massachusetts With winter in full swing in New England, you need a reliable heating system. At Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling, we’ve already answered a fair number of no-heat emergencies in Middlesex and Norfolk Counties.

No one wants to lose their home heating in the middle of a frigid night. But when that happens, customers who protected their furnace or boiler with a service plan save themselves a lot of money and stress.

What do you get with a Complete Service Plan?

When you protect your heating system with a Complete Heating Service Plan, they receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted or FREE parts and labor for repairs
  • Priority emergency service
  • An annual precision heating tune-up
  • Up to $500 in Loyalty Credits

Not only do service plans offer coverage for breakdowns and repairs, but they also provide free routine maintenance to keep your equipment running efficiently.

What’s the risk of not protecting your equipment?

We know that, with prices up on just about everything these days, some customers could be tempted to forgo service coverage. This is a mistake. Here’s what you risk by not protecting your HVAC equipment.

1. A less comfortable home

Failing to maintain your heating system adequately can result in blocked vents, dirty burners and clogged filters. This can lead to uncomfortable rooms as well as poorer indoor air quality. But with the assistance of a service technician, these issues are easily rectified, and you’ll enjoy improved heating and cleaner air.

2. Higher energy bills

Poorly maintained heating equipment will not operate with peak efficiency. Indeed, an older heating system that hasn’t received proper service could be operating with a fuel efficiency in the 60%-70% range, meaning that 30 to 40 cents of every energy dollar go right out the chimney!

When you have a regular tune-up, your heating system will work much more efficiently. You’ll spend less on energy keeping your home comfortable!

3. A less dependable heating system breakdown

To start with, annual maintenance like the tune-up you receive with a Complete service plan is an opportunity for a professional technician to inspect your equipment. They catch small problems that can balloon into pricy repairs. Plus, if you do need a repair, your service plan will reduce or totally cover the cost!

4. Potential safety issues

Any time fuel is burned, some byproducts must be vented out of your home. Properly operating systems take care of this, but it’s vital to have regular service to confirm everything is venting correctly and safely. A technician will also check any wiring to ensure it hasn’t frayed over time, creating a fire hazard. A service plan protects your home and family in addition to your HVAC equipment.

5. A voided manufacturer’s warranty

When you buy a new furnace or boiler, your manufacturer’s warranty provides reassurance that you’ll be covered if there’s an issue with your equipment. However, warranties require an annual tune-up to stay valid. If you fail to service your heating system and something breaks down later, you may be liable for all the repair expenses.

Now is the right time to protect your heating system with a Complete Heating Service Plan. Reach out to us to enroll.