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Green Energy Solutions Begin with Us

Eco friendly

Needham Oil & Air remains firmly committed to green energy solutions that not only enhance comfort and convenience for our customers, but also save money over the long term while protecting the environment.

That’s why we now only deliver BioHeat® fuel instead of traditional heating oil.

BioHeat fuel enables us to offer you an efficient, ultra-clean-burning fuel that can be used with your current heating equipment. BioHeat is not only better for your equipment and the environment, it costs exactly the same as conventional heating oil. You can read more about the benefits of BioHeat here.

We know that offering a heating fuel that is clean, efficient and easy to use is in the long-term interest of both our customers and the communities we love to serve. You can feel good that you’re putting your trust in a company that cares about our community, cares about our environment and cares about you, our customer.

As we keep moving forward, please check our Facebook page regularly for the latest updates about our green energy solutions. And enter our Facebook contest while you’re at it! You just may win an Amazon gift card.