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Fuel Usage Change? Let Your Provider Know

Top reasons your fuel use may vary

heating oil use massachusettsNeedham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling customers love automatic delivery of their heating oil, because it takes away any chance of running out of fuel, without costing a dime. When you’re on an automatic delivery program though, it’s important to remember to keep your fuel provider informed about your business or household’s fuel usage. Here’s why:

Automatic deliveries

Most of our customers in Middlesex County and Norfolk County, MA are on an automatic home heating oil delivery schedule. Our automatic delivery service uses a computerized system to calculate degree days and past household consumption patterns to schedule a refill before lack of fuel becomes an emergency. We will deliver your fuel to you automatically, usually when your tank gets to be one-quarter full. The result: no more tank watching and no more run-outs or calling for a delivery. Automatic delivery service will not cost you a penny extra!

Over the years, we’ve learned that some people have misconceptions about this service. Here’s what you should know:

  • Automatic deliveries will not make you burn through more fuel
  • We don’t schedule deliveries for days or times when prices are highest
  • This
  • is simply a FREE service to make life easier for our customers

Accurate calculations require accurate data

Our model for predicting your fuel usage relies on your past consumption patterns. But if something about your consumption pattern changes – like a person joins or leaves the household – it can throw the calculations off. We make these kinds of adjustments all the time, and it’s no big deal with our computerized system. Give us a call to let us know if you think your fuel usage may change in the coming weeks or months.

Factors that most influence fuel usage

Many factors impact your fuel usage. Some of the most common reasons homes may begin using more or less fuel than usual include:

Varying number of people in the household

The number of members included in your household matters when calculating the amount of energy needed for your system to produce enough hot water, heat, and power. It may not seem like one additional person – or one less person – would make much difference in energy usage, but this is a common misconception. One person’s loads of laundry and frequent showering creates a significant impact on the cumulative amount of energy and hot water needed in the home. Let your fuel provider know if the number of people living in your home changes such as when there is a(n):

  • Child leaving for college or moving out;
  • Adult child moving back home, with or without young children;
  • Older relative moves in, or leaves to move into a care facility;
  • Death in the family;
  • Divorce or separation;
  • Foster children or exchange student joining the family for an extended stay.

Even during emotionally turbulent times, getting the most for your money by keeping in contact with your fuel provider can give some peace of mind. If your circumstances change again, you can always update your fuel provider.

The amount of time spent at home changes

The more hours spent at home, the more energy used, and vice versa. After all, you aren’t showering, washing your clothes, cooking, or even needing the same amount of heat when you aren’t home (Don’t let your pets or your pipes freeze, though!)

  • Working from home: Many employees are now working remotely due to the pandemic. These households may see a significant increase in daytime energy usage.
  • Employment changes: The same is true for when someone in your household retires, loses their job, or has their hours cut.
  • Disability: A household member may spend more time at home and require more energy usage if they become disabled, even temporarily – and especially if they require nursing care and energy-powered medical equipment or assistive technology.
  • “Snow-birding” or business travel: Retired couples wintering in Florida, families visiting loved ones overseas, and business travelers, like traveling nurses, may go many months with reduced energy needs in their primary homes.

Whether your fuel usage is set in stone or all over the map, Needham Oil keeps costs down

Keep us in the loop if your heating patterns have changed! All of the above can be challenging experiences, so making sure your energy provider is aware of the change can give you peace of mind. Whatever your situation, we’ll be there for you with a delivery schedule that meets your needs. Avoid running out of fuel – and needing emergency services – while also cutting costs by delaying fuel you don’t need yet.

Join the Needham Oil family, so we can lookout for you and all your energy needs! Whether it is through our own specials, manufacturers’ rebates, utility rebates or Mass Save financing and rebates, your friends at Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling are always looking for ways to help you save now and in the future.