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What To Ask A Potential Heating Oil Supplier

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If you’re looking for a new heating oil supplier, you’ll find many options to choose from. The question is, how do you separate the legitimate candidates from the here today-gone tomorrow suppliers?

Questions for heating oil companies

Here are five questions to ask when searching for a new heating oil supplier in eastern MA:

  1. Are there fees or incentives for new customers? – All suppliers collect surcharges for fuel delivery, but some tack on as much as five or six times more fees than the law requires to deliver your heating oil. Some discounters go the other direction and offer great introductory prices at first, only to raise their prices once you’re a committed customer. At Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling, our prices are fair and honest from day one.
  2. What other services do you provide? A heating oil discounter may offer low prices on heating oil, but most do not offer anything more than that. We do. From 24/7 emergency service and preventative maintenance plans that help keep your equipment running at peak efficiency, to expert installation of top quality, high efficiency heating (and cooling) equipment, Needham has you COMPLETELY covered.
  3. Can you help me manage my fuel use and payments? Many companies will simply come when you call – which means you’ll have to constantly watch your oil gauge and remember to make your appointment, then hope they reach you before you run out of fuel. You can avoid all of those hassles as a Needham customer by signing up for FREE automatic delivery, which monitors your fuel usage, schedules your fuel delivery when you need it, and gives you first-in-line service on heating oil deliveries compared to will call customers.

    Paying for your fuel can also be a hassle – unless your supplier offers ways that make bill paying easy (hint: most don’t). At Needham, we offer heating oil payment options that give you options you can live with, and make your bills more predictable.

  4. Do you offer online support? With many discounters, you’ll get a phone number and a business card, with not much more than a one-page website. With Needham, you’ll get access to powerful online tools that give you the ability to access your account, make payments, and more.
  5. How will you help me have peace of mind? Peace of mind is all about making your life COMPLETELY easier and more predictable – something we work hard to do for all our customers. With Needham Oil Complete, you’ll rest easy knowing that:
    • We always have an ample supply of heating oil ready for you
    • Your fuel will be delivered by a highly trained team of professionals who put your safety first, using a fleet of well-maintained trucks that stay on the road in any weather
    • Your fuel deliveries and heating system are backed by a team of licensed professionals that offer safe deliveries, expert maintenance and 24/7 emergency service.
    • You have access to convenient, flexible options and services to help make managing your heating bills and fuel deliveries easy

Looking for more reasons to become a Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling customer? Call us and ask – we’re happy to talk with you about it. Or learn what other customers have to say about us!