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Five Great Energy Efficiency Investments for Your Home

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When it comes to improving the performance of your home heating (and cooling) systems, there are smart ways to do it without breaking the bank.

Here are five of the most cost-effective ways to invest in improving your home’s efficiency this heating season:

  1. Weatherize – About one-fifth of the heat from your home escapes through air leaks around doors and windows – not to mention through often overlooked cavities such as electrical outlets, light switches and lighting fixtures. A small investment in weather sealing and caulk could save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills over the course of a year.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat – Why pay for heat when no one is home? By enabling you to control the temperature in your home automatically throughout the day, a programmable thermostat can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 10 percent each year.
  3. Add insulation – Insulation is often under-applied, especially in older homes. Adding 8-10 inches of relatively inexpensive and easy to install insulation can cut your annual heating costs by up to 20 percent.
  4. Keep up with your annual maintenance – Just like your car, your home heating equipment will only run at peak efficiency if you service it regularly. That’s easy to do with a Needham Service Plan, which includes an annual tune-up.
  5. Replace your older heating system – The technology behind home heating systems has come a long way in a short time. If your home furnace or boiler is more than 10-12 years old, consider replacing it with a modern, high-efficiency model. A new, properly maintained heating system can cut your heating bills by 20 percent or more compared to your older system.

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