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Finally, a Spring Break!

Spring is Here

What a historic winter we all just struggled through! Boston and Needham recorded their snowiest winters on record—more than 100 inches–with almost all of the flakes coming in February.

This massive amount of snow, coupled with extreme temperatures that fell below zero degrees at times, created major challenges for everyone’s personal comfort. Throughout this difficult time, our service and delivery teams worked tirelessly to take care of our customers.

Our drivers put in a lot of extra time getting oil to our customers, usually struggling through snowdrifts just to reach customers’ tanks. For those of you who were able to clear paths to your tank before we arrived, a big thank you from our drivers. Our technicians were out in force as well, often working late into the night making repairs and restoring heat.

With winter finally behind us, remember that we can help you this season too. Whether it’s a repair, a tune-up, a new equipment installation, or improving your indoor air quality, our team can take care of virtually any issue that affects your home comfort.

We hope you will talk to us about some of the ways we can keep you more comfortable and save you money while we all enjoy our “spring break.”