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Your water heater supports many common, ever-pressing home activities, including cooking, dish and clothes washing, bathing, and sometimes even space heating.

Unfortunately, a water heater is unable to supply hot water continuously. As usage rises, the water in the tank gradually cools. For that reason, your water heater must be sized properly and serviced regularly to meet your home’s hot water demands.

While we can install, maintain, and repair all makes and models of oil-fired and indirect water heaters, we recommend the following model:

Mega-Stor Indirect Water Heater

An indirect water heater is a storage tank with a heating coil inside the tank. Hot water from any hydronic heating boiler is circulated through the coil inside to heat all the water in the tank. In other words, stored water is heated indirectly from the boiler. This results in up to 50% lower operating costs, abundant amounts of continuous hot water, and longer equipment life.

Mega-Stor Indirect Water Heater

Its advantages include:

  • 26-to-119-gallon tank size
  • UA recovery rate that is more than three times higher than those of typical gas, electric, or oil heaters
  • 2 inches of polystyrene foam insulation to keep water hot for hours when heat is on standby
  • Removable inspection cap for easy access to coil and tank

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