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Air Conditioning Tips For The End Of Summer

Is your AC ready for next season?

home cooling tips massachusettsAs summer comes to an end, it’s important to remember that the weather in Middlesex County and Norfolk County, MA. can be hard to predict. While pumpkin spice everything and Halloween décor have arrived with a flourish, the traditional fall weather doesn’t always cooperate. Sometimes, it’s quite warm well into September.

The takeaway is that it’s a wise idea to ensure your AC is in top condition for the next time you need it – whether it’s right now or not until next spring. With a heating and cooling system you can trust, there’s never a reason to be uncomfortable at home. Read on for some end-of-season AC tips to help protect your investment in your family’s comfort, year-round.

Harness that summer energy while you can!

  • Conduct regular AC maintenance. Staying on top of your home’s AC system maintenance is essential to readying it for next summer and preventing breakdowns and costly repairs. You’ll want to address any small issues right away, not let them brew and get worse over the winter.
  • Update weatherstripping, seals, and insulation. Wouldn’t you rather complete these home updates in the next few weeks, while it’s still a breeze to go outside in a t-shirt and shorts? It’s pretty straightforward – when you prevent comfortable air from escaping, and uncomfortable air from getting indoors, the heating and cooling system won’t expend as much energy attempting to reach your preferred temperature. This applies to both your AC and heating system – and if they share ductwork, they can affect each other year-round.
  • Chuck that dirty air filter. When dirt obstructs your air filter, it gets more expensive to push the cool air through the filter. Don’t pay more to circulate dirty air that creates greater stress and strain on your systems. It’s best to change it now, so it doesn’t marinate in its grime all winter.
  • Consider a heat pump. If a new heat pump is in your future, there’s no better time to act than NOW. People love our heat pumps because they provide year-round comfort for both hot and cold weather. Rebates have never been higher, but supplies have never been more limited. Our technicians are heat pump experts. We install more heat pumps than just about anyone in Needham, Wellesley, Newton, and nearby towns. We’re also experts in installing central A/C.
  • Preserve your AC investment. No matter what type of air conditioner you choose, you’ll get outstanding, dependable service from a Needham expert, plus you can enroll in one of our affordable service plans!

Trustworthy heating & cooling experts you can turn to all year

Whether your end-of-season focus is on readying your AC for next summer, or switching gears to think about your heating needs, Needham has you covered.

Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling carries a range of high-efficiency boilers, furnaces, central air conditioning systems and heat pumps by some of the top names in home comfort. We will help you select the ideal system for your home, and see to it that your installation—whether it’s an air conditioning or heating system—is handled professionally. We’re here for all of your home comfort needs, so become a customer today.