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Ductless Mini-Split A/C Systems – A Big Step Up from Your Window A/Cs

Ductless A/C system

If you don’t have ductwork in your Massachusetts home, you probably cool it using window air conditioners. But there’s a much better option for those of you who can’t accommodate central air conditioning: a ductless system.

Compared to window A/Cs, ductless systems are quieter and more efficient – and they don’t need to be pulled out, stored, and re-installed every year.

Here are some more advantages of a ductless system compared to window A/Cs:

  1. More flexible placement – The indoor portion of a ductless system (called an air handler; the outdoor portion is called a condenser) can be installed in any room, whether or not it has windows. Up to four different-sized air handlers can run off a single condenser, allowing you to create flexible cooling zones in your home.
  2. Better efficiency – Most ductless systems having SEER ratings in the 17 to 18 range or more – well more than the 14 or 15 rating that most window units reach. Using zone cooling smartly can also up your cooling efficiency.
  3. Easier installation – Installing a ductless systems typically takes about a day, with only a small (3”) pipe hole or two to show for the effort. Imagine never having to drag your window A/C out of the attic again!
  4. Quieter performance – When running, air handlers reach volumes as low as 19 decibels— about equal to a whisper. That’s a big contrast with window units!
  5. Better environmental performance – Higher efficiency means you’ll use less energy to do the same job, which is great for the planet. Ductless systems also use a more ozone-friendly refrigerant (R410A) than window A/Cs.
  6. Better light…and a better view! – With a ductless system, you won’t take up precious window space – so you’ll get natural light and a view back into your room.

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