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Air Conditioning Fixes You Can Handle Yourself

Try these simple HVAC troubleshooting steps and avoid a pricy repair visit.

ac repair Sherborn, ma There are repair jobs you don’t want to try on your own unless you have extensive training. For example, unless you’re a trained car mechanic, it’s not a good idea to replace your own head gasket. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to check the oil level in your engine and top it off yourself.

The same logic applies to your home’s cooling equipment too. There will be situations where you need to call a professional to fix air conditioning equipment that isn’t working. However, you can sometimes avoid an air conditioning repair visit with some basic troubleshooting.

At Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling, we’ve helped many households stay cool and comfortable no matter how toasty it gets in Massachusetts’ Middlesex and Norfolk counties. We can help you solve your A/C problem and avoid calling us for service.

What should you do if your A/C system won’t turn on?

If you’re not getting any air from your central air conditioning system, there are a few steps you can take that might get the cool air flowing:

  1. Look at your thermostat and make sure it’s set to “air conditioning,” “cool” or “fan” mode.
  2. Confirm that the thermostat temperature is set at least 5 degrees cooler than the current room temperature.
  3. If your A/C still doesn’t come on, ensure that no circuit breakers are tripped in your home. This can sometimes happen when the A/C has been running for a while. Reset the breaker and try the system again.
  4. Check the power switches in your home and confirm that all are turned on. If not, your outdoor or indoor A/C components may not receive electricity.

Often, these steps can get your home cooling system back online. But if they don’t work, call the Needham Oil HVAC team, and we’ll send someone to look at your system.

What should you do if your A/C system won’t blow cool air?

Just as concerning is an A/C that is running but not generating cool air. Here are some troubleshooting tips for this scenario:

  1. Confirm that your thermostat is set to “air conditioning,” “cool” or “fan,” and the temperature is set 5 degrees lower than the current indoor temperature.
  2. Confirm that all air vents are open and clear of impediments.
  3. Confirm that your outdoor A/C is running. If it’s not, then check any power switches or circuit breakers that might be depriving it of electricity.
  4. If plant growth or debris is clogging the outdoor unit, switch off its power and clean it.
  5. Check your air filters. Clean or replace them if they are dirty/clogged.

If you still don’t get cool air from your A/C after these steps, contact us immediately.

Needham’s team is here when you need professional A/C service.

If your cooling equipment needs service or repairs from a team of expert technicians, you cannot do better than Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling. We will quickly diagnose your issue and get it fixed ASAP. Also, our air conditioning service plans provide peace of mind by limiting how much you pay for repairs — plus, they offer free annual maintenance!

Contact us if you’re interested in the protection of an A/C service plan.